Monday, February 15, 2010

All Aboard for The Brat Pack's Maiden Journey!

All aboard for the Brat Pack's maiden voyage across the globe, as we take you on a journey back to childhood. We searched our memory boxes to bring you a little piece of our very own childhood and to share something special with you.

For each of us it was something different - a childhood game, a dream, a fairytale, a person, a teddy bear, a memory - but for every part there is a little piece of us on this train. So take very good care of them....and our memories. And don't forget to leave us some love when you do. *s*

Please bear in mind that the train departs stations all over the world so some blogs may not yet have their part up. Just continue your journey and stop back....they are getting ready for departure right now!

Now....onto the journey!

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