Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Almost Summer" - June SIGN UPS OPEN!


THEME: Almost Summer 

You may make Tagger, Full Size, CU, QP's whatever you like - just be sure to let your visitors know what your items are!  Please state on your previews whether they are FULL SIZE or TAGGER and CU or PU. *s*
You may call your kit/items anything you wish just so long as it fits into the theme.

We are trying to make our train one our visitors enjoy riding on, and some become disheartened to find a freebie very minimal. So we would like to offer them something to keep them coming back! And freebies are advertising for our PTU work.

NOTE: You have to be very careful with what you call things or use for supplies due to copyrights. You may NOT name your kits the same as that of a TV, book or movie etc.

To take part you just need to stop over and join the group to be ready *s*

to fill out the database for the June participants (already in Database). I use this list for the Blog Roll and if your name is not on the list or preview in Photobucket you will not be included.


You must upload your preview to the June 2013 Photobucket album created for the train at when it is completed.

1. Log in to
Log In details on Yahoo Group
2. Select June 2013 album, and click UPLOAD NOW (green button located at the top);
3. Click SELECT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS button to browse and locate your preview on your computer and upload;
4. On the next page PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME (so I know whose preview is whose) in the title section;
5. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE TO ALBUM...and you're done!

Previews MUST be uploaded to the Photobucket album by no later than 27th May
Train departs Saturday 1st June - Midnight Australian EST
(but please bear in mind that departure times may differ from others)

Train will run for the duration of the month after which on the 1st of the following month your part is yours to do what you wish with - put it up for sale or keep it as a freebie.

Happy journeying with the Brat Pack!

Stina and Susan

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's "May Day" with the Brat Pack!

TheBratPackTrain's May 2013 album on Photobucket

:: MAY DAY ::

Happy May Day...a little late, but then it's May all month, isn't it? *g*  And this month we have some gorgeous 'springy' treats for you!  So sit down and grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy the goodies we have in store for you.

Don't forget when downloading the leave a note of thanks with each Designer, as we all work hard to bring you these freebies for you to enjoy. *s*

Now onto the train....