Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Get Hot in the Shade!

OK I had this palette picked out at the same time as the last one and couldn't decide which one to do first. lol Yet another summery type of one, though you can choose whatever you wish to do.....and to give you all enough time to make a start I am sending it out now.
This palette is a more rustic kind so let your imaginations run wild! And this palette is warmer in nature hoping to bring us some warmth here in Been cold the last few days and nights here.

You may make Tagger, Full Size, CU, QP's whatever you like - just be sure to let your visitors know what your items are!

You may call your kit/items anything you wish just so long as it fits into the theme.

NOTE: You have to be very careful with what you call things or use for supplies due to copyrights.

To take part you just need to stop over and join the group to be ready *s*

to fill out the database for the July participants (already in Database). I use this list for the Blog Roll and if your name is not on the list or preview in the Slideshow you will not be included.

You must upload your preview to the July Slideshow album created for the train at when it is completed.


1. Log in to
Log In details on Yahoo Group

2. Select Brat Pack at the top, then July TRAIN, and click OPTIONS (located to the right) and then EDIT;

3. Click BROWSE and locate your preview on your computer and upload;

4. In Caption/Tag Line BENEATH your preview (thumbnails at bottom of page) PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME (so I know whose preview is whose);

5. Click OK, then SAVE, then SAVE Slideshow (again)...and you're done!

Sign ups will end on 8th July
Previews to be uploaded to the photo album on Yahoo by no later than 11th July
Train departs Friday 15th July - Midnight YOUR TIME (or anytime after Australian EST)
(so please bear in mind that departure times may differ from others)

Train will run for the duration of the month after which on the 1st of the following month your part is yours to do what you wish with - put it up for sale or keep it as a freebie.

Happy journeying with the Brat Pack!
Stina and Tooty

New Poll - For the impending release of "Breaking Dawn" in November, what name would you prefer for our Twilight train to run in October?

Please vote in the poll at the top of the page for one of the following:

1. Breaking Dawn
2. Forever is Only the Beginning
3. A Twilight Wedding

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Time for Some Summer Lovin'!

Well summer is here (for the northern hemisphere anyways cause it is winter here down and it's time for some Summer Lovin'! Time to head to the beach, slap on some sunscreen and bask in the beauty, and maybe some romance, of summer. Plenty of goodies for you all to snag - just don't forget to leave each Designer a note of thanks as we love to read your comments. *s*

Now onto the train!

Stina ::designs by stina::

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Anita: Dreamers Designs

Crystal: Crystal's Creations

Dilcia: Disyas Digitals Designs

Gina: KiKeKa Kits

Jenny: Jenny's Designz

Jill: Created by Jill

Kris: Mystical Illusionz

Lee: Midnight Music WordArt and Tutorials

Lei: Brattitude Scraps

Linda: Mayfair Creatives

Linda: CandyWrap

Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps

Stef: Stef's Scrapkits

SueEllen: Wicked Creationz Scraps

Tracey: Tracey's Tags and Treasures

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Coming....

Summer is coming to The Brat Pack!! Departing midnight 15th June at a station near you....stay tuned....