Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Brat Pack is Going Crackers!

It's that time again and this month the Brat Pack team are going crackers....Animal Crackers, of course!! LOL We have tons of animal-themed goodies for you to enjoy through Tagger, Full Size and a couple of CU items. So jump aboard and ride the train with us!! Bear in mind that we are all in different timezones and some parts may not be posted just keep riding and stop back again!

Don't forget to leave some love if you download using the comment section below! And we hope you enjoy the ride!

Now onto the train....

Stina ::designs by stina::

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Cari: Black Widow Creationz

Charlene: Memory Lane Creations

Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps

Crystal: Crystal's Creations

Gina: KiKeKa Kits

Jill: Created by Jill

Jessica: Jessica's Sweet Nothings

Kara: Sweet Cravings Scraps

Linda: Candy Wrap's Printed TReasures

Mystee: Majik Of Mystee Designz

Nette: Nette's NightOwl Works

Nikki: Creative Intentionz

Wy: Designs by LK

Thursday, September 2, 2010

October Theme - Awareness/Causes


Due to the nature of this theme there is no colour palette, as each kind of Awareness has varying colours, so of course that would reflect in your kit with whatever choice you make. You can make anything you like as long as it is something that reflects an Awareness/Cause. Here are some examples of awareness/cause colours (which you can find here -

PLEASE NOTE: I am sending the theme out early because I will be away during mid-October and will be unable to get the train going and answer everyone's questions etc. So I have decided to start October's train on 1st October but this will be FOR OCTOBER ONLY!

Due Date: 27th September
Train departure: Friday 1st October

You may call your kit/items anything you wish just so long as it fits into the theme.

NOTE: You have to be very careful with what you call things or use for supplies due to copyrights.

To take part you just need to stop over and join the group to be ready *s*

to fill out the database for the October participants (already in Database). I use this list for the Blog Roll and if your name is not on the list you will not be included.

You must upload your preview to the October Slideshow album created for the train at when it is completed.


1. Log in to
Log In details on Yahoo Group

2. Select Slideshows tab, then AUGUST TRAIN, and click OPTIONS (located to the right) and then EDIT;

3. Click BROWSE and locate your preview on your computer and upload;

4. In Caption/Tag Line BENEATH your preview (thumbnails at bottom of page) PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME (so I know whose preview is whose);

5. Click OK, then SAVE, then SAVE Slideshow (again)...and you're done!

Sign ups will end on 24th September
Previews to be uploaded to by no later than 27th September
Train departs Friday 1st October - Midnight YOUR TIME
(so please bear in mind that departure times may differ from others)

Train will run for the duration of the month after which on the 1st of the following month your part is yours to do what you wish with - put it up for sale or keep it as a freebie.

Happy journeying with the Brat Pack!
Stina and Tooty